About Us

The FRCR exam is challenging. However, with the right preparation, any challenge can be overcome. It was with the aim of helping candidates prepare for the examination that I started building this website. I was joined by others with similar aims; this is still work in progress and will always be with constant updates and improvements.

Dr.Rahul Dharmadhikari
The Team
Part I Physics Module Lead
Dr Tamir Ali
Registrar in Radiology
Newcastle upon Tyne training Scheme
FRCR 2A Leads
1) Dr Pallavi Mehrotra
Consultant Gastrointestinal Radiologist
Sunderland Royal Hospital

2) Dr Frances Colgan
Registrar in Radiology
Newcastle upon Tyne Taining Scheme

FRCR 2B Lead
Dr Rahul Dharmadhikari
Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist
Northumbria Healthcare NHS trust