Q. I have registered but havenít received a password ?
A: Sometimes if there are server problems the registration may not actually occur. Please re-register using the same or different email address. If the problem persists contact us.

Q. I have registered and received a password but cannot log in ?
A: If you cannot log in even once after receiving the password contact us. If you have logged in once but forgotten to log out then remember that you cannot log in for the next 45 minutes.

Q. I have logged in successfully but cannot see the images ?
A: Please check the version of flash player that you are having on your computer. You need a flash player version 8 or newer version. You can download it directly using the link provided.

Q. What is the minimum broadband speed ?
A: Recommended atleast 1Mbps.

Q. Why do we not have an option of describing the abnormality ?
A: Any abnormality can be described in more than one correct way. This can confuse the served database and deduct a mark inspite of a correct answer. Hence the option to describe and abnormality has not been provided.

Q. How do I review the images ?
A: To review images answer the last question, the submit button will become active. Left click on the submit button and an answer sheet with thumbnails will be downloaded. Double click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image. There are options to go to the next image or go back.