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Central Nervous and Head & Neck (including spine, eyes, ENT, salivary glands and dental)

1. A 22 year old female is admitted with acute onset headaches, confusion and drowsiness. She is transferred to ITU for ventilation. Her WBC is 11.5. A CT scan of her brain shows oedema in the medial left temporal lobe with significant mass effect and central haemorrhage and marked diffuse enhancement post contrast. What is the likely diagnosis?
Herpes encephalitis
Bacterial abscess
Acute metabolic encephalopathy
Bacterial meningitis
2. A 33 year old gentleman presents with headaches which are frequently worse on leaning forward. He undergoes a non-contrast CT scan of his brain which shows a dense round mass in the midline in the region of the Foramen of Munro. On MRI, the lesion is high signal on T1 and on T2w images. What is the likely diagnosis?
Colloid cyst
Epidermoid cyst
Dermoid cyst
Choroid plexus papilloma
Choroid plexus carcinoma
3. A 46 year old male undergoes an MRI for unilateral sensorineural hearing loss. An incidental, well defined 1cm lesion is noted in the pons which has a popcorn appearance with very mixed signal on T2 with very low signal rim. What is the likely diagnosis?
Brainstem glioma
4. A 20 year old patient with a known genetic condition with renal and pancreatic cysts is noted to have a cystic lesion in the cerebellum with a mural nodule. What is the most likely diagnosis of the cerebellar lesion?
Medulloblastoma (pilocystic astrocytoma)
Arachnoid cyst
5. A 62 year old female on warfarin has an MRI for confusion. An extra-axial haematoma is noted over the temporo-parietal region which is concave on its deep surface. The abnormality is low on T2 and high T1. What is the likely diagnosis?
Extradural haematoma
Acute subdural haematoma
Early subacute subdural haematoma
Late subacute subdural haematoma
Chronic subdural haematoma

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